(Top) The Time Traveler Umeyama’s Report:The Fort or the Lighthouse of the Land, 2015, Sumi ink and gouache on oriental paper, 31 x 46 inches 

(Bottom) Drawing of Labels for Umeyama’s Report: The Fort or the Lighthouse of the Land, 2015, Graphite on paper, 12 x 24 inches

(Information from the drawn labels)

Shoei Umeyama 

Umeyama’s Report: The Fort or the Land Lighthouse,

circa 2015, Ink on oriental paper 

Courtesy of H.T. Stringer

Even a water tower can be a socio-cultural symbol under Umeyama’s interpretation.


Using a Japanese fort/signal fire tower as his reference, Umeyama created two bold hypotheses for a water tower: an ancient fort or an old land lighthouse.  

His preference went toward the land lighthouse idea, based on his knowledge of the great westward expansion in the United States during its frontier period.

Please Do Not Touch.

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