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​Cat Scratch Cat

Self-referential statement for Cat Scratch Cat




  1. I made nine small copper plates. The contents of the nine plates are “Only”, “My”, “Cat”, “Scratch”, “ed”, “My”, “Arm”, “Today” and “. (period)”.

  2. Using “My cat scratched my arm today.” as basic sentence structure, I created seven sentences by only switching out the placement of “Only”.

  3. As I revised the sentence each time, I added one literal, physical scratch on the “Scratch” copper plate.

  4. The words are chine colled on small pieces of paper over backing paper.



I created images/pictures which illustrate  the meaning of the sentence on the left side.  The images contain explanation (in English) as legend for further understanding.

In addition, Japanese translations are added below them on separate plates.

Because of the nature of Japanese, the translation for “My” varies depending on the figure in the images/pictures, however, this can be only noticeable when a viewer understands both in English and Japanese. Otherwise, the translation remains as strange cat scratch-like strokes.

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