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Curious Four


 The earthquake, which occurred on March 11th, 2011 in Japan and the following tsunamis severely damaged the Nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan.


It was a true man-made natural disaster.


As I started to learn more about radiation, I got to know the life of Marie Curie, who was a pioneer researcher of radioactivity. Before Marie Curie moved to France for study, she worked as a private tutor at a very wealthy family. She and a son from the wealthy family fell for each other, but their marriage was not approved.


Mari Curie...The world would have been different, if her young love had been fulfilled.

Pierre Curie...Curiosity drove them to explore it. Not knowing truly what it was.



日本で起きた2011年3月の地震とそれに続く津波で、福島県の原子力発電所が甚大なダメージを受けた。大災害が起きてしまった。放射性物質について調べるうちに、私はマリー キュリーという一人の放射線研究者の生涯について知った。



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