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Open House

In many newer American neighborhoods there are rows and rows of houses that resemble each other, creating a uniformity in the beauty of heir construction. Under the bright sunshine, perfectly manicured lawns of grass seem to stretch endlessly. Wasn't America supposed to be a country of diversity?


The more beautiful the lawn, the more likely one is to experience the delusion of thinking the residents of that home must be happy and successful. We might think that there are no problems at all within the home that has that perfect exterior.


However, things certainly can't be like that. What's it really like on the other side of that closed door?


 (In Japanese) アメリカの新興住宅地には似通った家がずらりと並び、画一的な美くしさを作り出している。明るい日差しの下、フロントヤードには刈り込まれた芝生が延々と続いている。この国は多様性の国じゃなかったっけ?





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