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Umeyama Report

I made-up a fictitious character, Umeyama, who, through the wonder of time travel, came from mid-19 century Japan to present day South Texas to observe these modern times through objective and innocent eyes.
(Currently, it is unknown how and why he arrived in South Texas by avoiding the natural boundaries of time and space.)

For the presentation of work, I am aiming to create a natural history museum-type setting in which the ink drawings are considered to be created by Umeyama.
He is keeping those reports to let his people know what this country looks like. To aid (or confuse, for the reason I will mention later) the viewer, I added photo-realistically rendered graphite label drawings to each of the ink drawings.
The abstract of his report in the labels reveal a part of his report, however, mistranslation might be included. 
150_Umeyama Reports_Family Portrait_installation

Abstract from the Label drawing: Umeyama painted this family portrait from a photograph which he happened to bring to the US. The original photograph was taken several days before his favorite sister’s marriage. Young Umeyama appears on the far left as a teenage boy.   He recalls all the ado right before the photo shooting. For example, his elder sister, Fumi, put on her mother’s cosmetics in secret. When Umeyama’s little sister, Nui, discovered what Fumi was doing, she demanded the same treat

150_Umeyama Reports_Family Portrait_Labels
150_Umeyama Reports_Fort or the Lighthouse of the land_installation
150_Umeyama Reports_Fort or the Lighthouse of the land
150_Umeyama Reports_Fort or the Lighthouse of the land_Labels
150_Umeyama Reports_Mokkenshu_installation
150_Umeyama Reports_ Mokkenshu_Labels
150_Umeyama Reports_Mokkenshu
Umeyama report red and white stringer_hiromi_edited

Umeyama Report: Sacred/ Auspicious Red and White

150_Umeyama Reports_Way of the Dragon_installation
150_Umeyama Reports_Way of the Dragon_Labels
150_Umeyama Reports_Way of the Dragon_detail_left
150_Umeyama Reports_Way of the Dragon_detail_right
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